Wednesday, May 25, 2005

the first rule of Fight Club
Things might change around here in the next few weeks - good changes I hope and usually I'd disect the reasons and theories and thoughts behind these changes here, but not this day (and for those of you who like to sing along with the quotes that infest my head - this day we fight).

words and the patterns they make in my diseased mind
Last night I was thinking about the word resolution and what a brilliant Venn Diagram of a word it is, meaning both the intention and the end point. I love that space where that ambiguity of meaning lives - between the two circles of complete definition. From resolution I moved on to thinking about resolve, which similarly wears two hats on one head: I resolved to do something, it was resolved. And then the floodgates opened - solve, solvent, disolve, dissolute, solution. And those interrelated ideas of breaking down barriers and structures to find an answer in the resulting ionised, charged mixture resonated with a tiny fragment of prose I've been toying with when I walk past the Thames each day. The idea that the river is liquid history, carrying a freight of ions. I can't get it to work, I want to put tension on the ions - iron, blood, irons in the fire, charged ions, a solvent, carrying a charge. Sound and shape aren't there yet, but every day I get maybe a drop closer to saying it right...and to writing it down.

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