Thursday, May 19, 2005

the good, the bad and the newly hopeful
Feedback from the RCN: candidate was enthusiastic, skilled, technically competent and highly knowledgable. It was a tough decision and in the end it came down to cultural fit. The RCN is a highly political organisation and since this candidate has not worked in the public sector before we chose someone who had over her.
I'm pleased, nay thrilled, with the feedback and concur with their verdict that I would have found it hard to fit in. In fact in the meet-the-team session after the formal interview I asked the team what if they had known before they started would have put them off taking the job; the answer - bureaucracy. The recruitment chappy was excited - he wants to put me forward for a similar role with BUPA. Woo. More deja vu. I interviewed for a job with BUPA this time last year and really loved them. I came second that time, perhaps I can ace it this time...

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