Monday, May 23, 2005

sensory overload
These cows are small, but the ones out there are far away.
I will report back about the crush thing later in the week. Today my head needs purging of other things. I’ve been super sociable in the last couple of weeks – super as in great fun but also super as in super-heated, just too much. The cocktails, the chips, the confessions, the springbok burger, the bitching, the bonding, the late-night tube journeys and the Walkabout. I’ve been living life at too high a pitch. But it’s great to be out of the house, great to be making the most of living here...I just wish it didn’t all happen at once. And when I get home there’s no silence, now home vibrates at a high pitch as well. Housemate J is practicing her soprano voice (as opposed to the belter voice, which equally sets my teeth on edge) and Housemate M is also singing and on a high – romance inspires enthusiastic renditions of breathy ballads.

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