Friday, May 13, 2005

slow, slow, quick-quick, slow
Man: “Are you dancing?”
Woman: “Are you asking?”
Man: “I’m asking”
Woman: “Then I’m dancing!”
I’m quoting the chat up lines of the parents of friend at university. She was a good Northern lass and the intonation as you say the lines should have plenty of soft ‘ah’ sounds. I don’t know what kind of dance I’m doing – it changes moment by moment – dancing on air like Ginger Rogers as I think about the job interview on Monday, dancing a quickstep as I try to avoid the office politics quicksand, dancing at the end of a rope – will I be made redundant before I find a new job? It’s certainly not a waltz, although the stop-start rhythm seems appropriate. I’d like to channel Audrey Hepburn and do a freestyle jazz ‘cool-cat dance’. Can badgers do that?

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