Wednesday, June 15, 2005

all about TA
Blogging, by its very nature, tends to be very self-centred, but today – for once – I’m bored by the idea of writing about me. So, what’s new in the animator’s world? Well, he completed his first piece of official, paid, freelance work for the PR agency last night: a 3D representation of a digital mammogram for a GE Healtchcare press event; he’s a bit cut up because Henson’s is closing its London office (meaning no future opportunities to return); and he’s still working on his groundbreaking RPG, “FateStorm”, various CG game ideas and his showreel.
A couple of days ago – while I was in pre-interview self-absorption – TA’s friend, A, dropped in for dinner. Dropped in from Helsinki to be precise, just for dinner! She left at 7am on Tuesday morning to fly back to Helsinki before then flying back to Oz, like you do. It was wonderful to see her, but the visit was such a whirlwind – if only she could have stayed longer. A is a playwright and also writes for television, but was telling us that in the last eight months she has essentially gone into partnership with her husband, who is an animator, as his writer/producer. Thanks to her hard work and networking, now they are receiving funding for projects and the work is flowing in – after a very painful two-year period of drought. There was a degree of ambivalence there – the idea that she was pulling his cart at the expense of her own was floating in the ether – but there was also an enormous sense of achievement and personal growth.
Of course TA and I recognised the parallels. And inevitably, like iron filings to a magnet, this post returns to me. Could I, should I invest more of my time, skills and energy in backing TA’s many and varied projects with the aim of getting him (and, consequently, us) established in the games industry? I have no doubt that at least 50 per cent of the ideas he has in development have a good chance of being profitable, if only we could find backing. TA is just not good at the business, funding, networking and promoting side of things; I’m not sure if I could be – but do you think I ought to try?

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