Friday, June 17, 2005

getting on
I have never had any belief that I am down with the kids, hip, cool or trendy – even when I was a kid (gangly, specs, nose in a book - not much has changed). However, recently things have been happening that have made me wonder if in fact I am a member of a new breed, the opposite of the odious kidult, but not quite a young fogey, with none of the conservative world view that term suggests. The other day Housemate M, she of the scat-trailing fish, came in to the living room to show off a new pair of jeans. I was dumbfounded; they were all torn and faded. Now, I know that people walk around in torn and faded jeans, but I had assumed that they either bought them vintage at the market or that they were wearing a well-loved pair. Obviously, this is not the case – they actually spend loads of money buying them new on the high street. I should add here that jeans are a particular source of woe to me and that I avoid buying them. I own two pairs – one I bought at Tesco’s for pocket change when I was too fat to fit into my old pair and my old pair, which are actually rather nice, amazingly so given how tricky it is to find trousers that are long enough, and fit and suit me, but I didn’t buy them, they are hand-me-downs from a friend.
The second maturity giveaway is that I have discovered that I like listening to BBC Radio Four. There’s no hope for me is there?
Still no word from Bupa – I wonder if this is their way of checking that I have a strong constitution?

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