Wednesday, June 15, 2005

glug, glug, gulp
I think I interviewed okay: I smiled, I sipped my water, I think I made some intelligent points about web usage, marketing and editing. The test was a complete mare though! They use an html editor I'd never seen before, not the nice Dreamweaver I'd been practising with. I will know on Thursday whether there will be a second stage of interviews and whether I have been shortlisted, got the job straight off the bat, or neither. I'm kind of confident, but not really. I went through a whole period of questioning whether or not I want all the upheaval associated with handing in my resignation and moving on to a new job this morning and then TA brought me to my senses by asking "do you want to be here in a year?" I hope I didn't balls up the test too badly. Please, please keep those digits twisted for me.

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neil said...

Twisted, they are.