Monday, June 06, 2005

miracles on badger street
Once upon a time TA bought me an Aloe Vera plant as a present, at first she was tiny but over time she thrived and grew and grew until a few months ago she really was quite a big momma. She lived outside our front door at Badger Mansions and I thought of her as a bit of a guard plant. Fast forward a few months. TA and I have been mourning the slow and painful demise of our Aloe Vera plant since the move. She just hasn't been happy in her new home - I can empathise - she's too exposed and has been getting waterlogged. We discussed ways of, hopefully, saving her and decided that the only option was to re-pot her in a large pot with lots of drainage material - rocks - at the bottom. TA and I set out to buy a pot. Two minutes later, in unison, we spotted an empty black bucket rolling down the street. We looked at each other and smiled, knowing that we shared the same thought. We took the bucket home and set out once again to go to the hardware shop, where TA was convinced they would sell us some rocks. Due to some navigational confusion we missed the hardware shop and ended up at the supermarket where TA hoped they'd sell us some charcoal, but they had sold out of charcoal. As we walked home I said to TA, what we really need is a skip full of rocks that we can raid. As we turned into our road we saw a skip. It was full of rocks. I raided it. I hope Vera likes her new pot with extra drainage and recovers.
In other news, Tori was excellent and TA is off to Ireland tomorrow for a 24-hour flying visit to attend a wedding.

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