Thursday, June 30, 2005

super quick and super dirty recap
Here’s a top-line executive summary of the breaking news from Palais Badger:
  • After three years together, Housemates J and D have broken up. Housemate D will be moving out within a month or so. In any other circumstances, TA and I would be consoling Housemate J (TA’s sister) and saying you’re better off without him. However, since he pays rent, what we’re actually doing is whispering “we’re screwed!” to each other. I am hatching contingency plans along the lines of evict them all and find new housemates.

  • Goldie is a widow. Tricky the goldfish was found dead in the bowl yesterday. Live fast, die young, leave a slightly contorted corpse.

  • I am still meant to be grinding on deliverables. Mainly it’s my teeth that are grinding.

The PR speak will end soon, promise.

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