Tuesday, July 26, 2005

in the style of jonny b
I pack my bags! I get an executive car to the airport! I get on a plane! I get an upgrade! I get a transfer! I arrive...I am in America! I am a surprise birthday present!
That's enough of that, I'm not witty enough to maintain the style and there are no moles here to bash.
So, next week I have a work event that means I need to be in Portland, Oregon. After some connivance and much plotting, I managed to get a cheap, cheap stopover in Northampton, Mass and I'm here for just over a week staying with my very, very dear friends P&K. So long housemates, so long cares and woes. Hello fine dining, long conversations and blissful relaxation. Wonderful!
P and I managed, just, to keep the secret and K was surprised and dumbfounded when I popped up in the airport coming in from Philly (ghastly airport, never again)- hiding behind a sign that, somewhat oddly was discovered to say, SURRISE! (I was very tired when I made it). Much screaming and squealling ensued, mission accomplished.
I'm having an absolutely glorious time and probably won't be blogging much for the next week or so.

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