Friday, July 08, 2005

the morning after
Pride, relief and business as usual. The tube is running, the buses are back - hats have to be doffed to the emergency services and the tube/bus staff. Above all, yesterday brought home how much I really love living here. An old Tory (racist, homophobic, heart of gold as long as you are English and middle class) relative asked me once, many years ago, what a nice country girl like me was doing living in London, my reply rambled but the bit I remember saying was - I love getting on the tube and seeing all the different colour faces, all those stories, all those lives in one place, going somewhere together. These days I nearly always walk, and today I'm stuck in the bedroom 'working from home', but I'd like to get on the tube today and then I'd like to take a number 30 bus to Hackney. And then, since it is business as usual, I think I'd like to go to the pub. As it is TA and I are going for drinks in Regent's Park to mourn the passing of Henson's London creature workshop with his ex-colleagues.

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