Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Goldie passed away on Sunday night, he’d been ill for a few days (in fact I had prematurely put the newspaper over his bowl on Saturday morning he was so still) and I think that, for some of us at least, it was a release. I am now hoping that Housemate M doesn’t buy replacement fish. Although, if she does, I will secretly name them Michael and Paula.
The Housemate J&D show continues to keep us all on the edge of our seats. He is still around but has agreed to move out once his rehearsals end and the show starts. Housemate J has a new energy, poise and focus, but is also frequently tearful. Apparently, housemate D has agreed to pay his share of the rent and bills until the end of September, which is when the six-month contract, even though he won’t be living at Badger Palais. We’ll see how long that lasts.
My August and possibly September are shaping up to be a bit jet-set, with two trips to the PR agency’s head office in Portland and, hopefully, a detour to New England...not to mention five days on the glamorous Isle of Wight over the August bank-holiday weekend.

oh, look at me!
No, I’m not Sandra Dee, but I am skinny again and I have beautiful new clothes – Girly post follows – look away now if you’re male.
For months and months and months I’ve been telling TA that I need new clothes, but with our budget and with my weight gain I just didn’t think that shopping was an option. When I say need new clothes I mean I need a complete wardrobe overhaul. Some of my clothes are pre-TA and quite a few more are pre-wedding. I look and feel scruffy and faded. Last weekend my no-shopping resolve crumbled. What changed? Well, I lost a stone, my plans for August and September changed dramatically last week when I heard about the work trips (can’t take the same clothes as I did last year, just can’t), and TA got a new job. The new job does not pay well, not well at all, but it is just the little bit extra we needed to make buying new clothes a possibility. So on Saturday TA and I trawled the sales at the big three – John Lewis, House of Fraser and Debenhams – and paid a visit to Muji. Phew, it took hours! But I came home with three pairs of trousers, four jumpers, three tops, a skirt and a coat and some small change from £200. Not bad going and certainly the most shopping I’ve done in more than three years.
Yesterday, I started the shoe hunt. I’m very particular about shoes (I’m very particular about everything, but especially shoes) they must be flat, they must have round toes and they must be leather (since I’ve bought too many pairs of suede shoes only to ruin them in the rain). You’d think I’d be able to find two or three pairs in the sales wouldn’t you? And if you did you’d be wrong. But while I was looking for shoes I saw a sale at a clothes shop I love but never shop in as it’s super-pricey. Lo! They had a warehouse sale! Everything was reduced by about 80 per cent. I picked up a couple of things to try on but there was a queue and suddenly I thought “holy crap, what am I doing? I’ve already spent loads of money on new clothes!” and ran away.
I told TA about it last night. About the brown linen trousers and the beautiful silk top both reduced to fifteen pounds, from £180 pounds and £80, respectively. I thought he’d be proud of my restraint, but no! He thought I was crazy for passing up such bargains. TA said that I should go back and that if there were no changing rooms available bring stuff home to try on. Blimey! So took an early lunch and went back today. The changing rooms were empty. The linen trousers (size 10!), silk top and a stunning, stunning pair of black trousers are now mine. That’s somewhat put a dent in the shoe budget. In fact there is no shoe budget.
*stop press* I’d asked for a bright pink Tommy Hilfiger suede coat – yes I realise this is breaking the suede rule – to be put by for me at House of Fraser while they checked the price. It was a silly, decadent impulse. They just called – original price £350, sale price £160 – I said no thanks. I am strong!

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