Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I am working in the PR agency's Portland, Oregon office for the rest of the week and likely will not be writing much. There is a long post gradually coalescing in my mind but it's a tricky topic and I need to give it a lot of thought before committing myself to publishing.
I hope readers realise that everything here - no matter how raw it may seem - is to a degree mediated and crafted. This is certainly not an unedited, unshaped live-feed account of my life. There's always more going on than I have time to post and, as unexpurgated as it may seem, there's an awful lot I leave out. There is a filter system in place you know! I say this because recently I've been meeting many people at home and abroad who think that there's nothing left for me to say, they know it all already, I'd like to think that these posts can be a diving board - giving increased overview and the ability to dive straight in. Perhaps I need to work on that.

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