Wednesday, August 17, 2005

new tag
I was never that keen on the old tag and have replaced it with what was written about me on my colleague’s blog, just for fun and to reclaim what I fear was a bit of a slur. I like the idea of being disciplined and being thought of by others as being disciplined – not in an S&M way mind – however, any time spent here though will reveal that I’m neither fit nor disciplined. Lazy, sluggish and profligate would come closer to the truth.
Tomorrow morning, tonight’s viewing was cancelled, TA and I are going to view BH-B and BH-C. Already, I am scouring sexy salvage sites thinking about the outer limits of furnishing possibility. I can feel the frenzy of excitement and anticipation being to wax once more. Oh dear. It will probably all end in tears. TA says to me “heaven on earth, remember?” whenever I start taking the hovel thing a bit too seriously. And he’s right. Really, anywhere where we can be just us and it’s ours will be heaven on earth. At least it will be for the first week or two, after that I expect I’ll start finding fault!

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