Tuesday, August 16, 2005

terra firma
I was doing so well. I was so jet set. I was getting by on three hours’ sleep, room service breakfasts and ten cups of coffee. Room service breakfasts of juice, yogurt, fruit salad, two croissants, a selection of jams, a Danish pastry, cheese, ham and bread rolls, not to mention a thermos of coffee. I was a globetrotting exec! I was mainlining valerian and melatonin! I was expense-account happy! In my excitement, every sentence, every thought suffered from AQI! And then I came home and my body said “enough”. I’ve spent the last three days taking frequent naps and walking around spaced out like a zombie, a zombie with a throbbing, terrifying headache (damn the caffeine). I’m completely wiped out and very, very glad to be home.
Speaking of home, Badger Palais is a quieter place now. While I was away, Housemate J asked Housemate D to leave. All his stuff is still at BP but the man himself has gone, apparently he is staying with friends. It’s odd, because I rarely saw or even heard him, but the increase in space is palpable. Also, Housemate J seems much happier, which in turn makes TA happier and – down a few links on the food chain of happiness – it makes me happier too. Plans to move are progressing apace (a snail’s pace, but still). We have narrowed it down to either: Badger Hovel A, a ground-floor one-bedroom flat in a 1980s-built development, habitable but needs some work and would benefit from some serious remodelling were we to ever be that adventurous; or Badger Hovel B/C, two identical third (top)-floor flats in the same development as BH-A that are brighter and slightly larger than BH-A, but do not have the same scope for improvement. Also not in their favour, there is no lift. TA is going to view BH-B and BH-C tomorrow. Likely we will put in an offer on Wednesday.

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