Thursday, August 18, 2005

under pressure
Please think of the Queen video while reading the following post, indeed, feel free to hum along. Two things are preoccupying TA and me right now. One, buying a flat. Status report: we're in the no-mans land of having made an offer, not knowing if it's been accepted and trying to figure out if we'll be able to secure a mortgage on our paltry combined income. TA is at the Inland Revenue now completing a tax return in an attempt to get annual income figures for last year...the news is bound to be grim on that end. For my part, I'm waiting to hear what my annual review has netted me in terms of a pay rise. Historically, the agency has been very generous with annual raises, unfortunately that has changed this year with departments being told there is a 5% cap. Oh dear. Two, Canada. What? I hear you say. Why on earth would the great frozen north be putting our two plucky London sparrows under pressure? Well, TA has been offered a short-term contract in Montreal. Should he stay or go? Will this be a big break and incidentally reasonably profitable or will it turn out to be a two-month waste of time that spits him back on these shores older but no wiser and still looking for a long-term position? Neither of us know and while I am leaning towards the go option TA thinks that stay is probably the wiser course of action.
Very dear friend K, of P&K fame, whose house I recently stayed at said 'I'm amazed at how much goes on - you always have something new and interesting to write about' but really is this a good thing? I think I'd like a little bit of dull time, frankly.
But one more bit of news, before I forget. Housemate D has returned! Yes, the boy wonder, pretty boy, the man in underpants is here once again. He appears to be camping in the living room for the foreseeable future. Wonderful! Looking on the bright side, I should thank him; there's nothing like a little non-wife irritant to get TA thinking favourably about moving.

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