Tuesday, September 27, 2005

lost in the post
Sorry, believe me I’ve meant to write but you know how it is – the Palais is a zoo, work went mental, I had a crisis of confidence, TA and I were being social, I’m trying to chase the solicitors without actually taking up any of their time, which – of course – they bill me for. And for each episode – work suddenly getting all Office Space; home life turning into a badly acted, low-budget Channel 4 soap (think Brookside’s body under the patio, crossed with Hollyoaks’ reliance on a constant stream of interchangeable young starlets willing to wear revealing and wacky outfits, combined with the Antipodean quotient of Secret Life of Us); the house buying; the in vino veritas complex...I started to draft a post only to be distracted by fresh developments in the real world. I’m here and I want to write (and write well) but events are conspiring against me.

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