Friday, September 16, 2005

mooning at honey
TA asked me to buy wine on the way home so I got three bottles thinking, 'that Free Man fella and his missus might be thirsty over the weekend and anyway it's three for two at Threshers.' While waiting for TA to unlock the front door (yes we're still sharing one set of keys) I spotted vibrant blue roses on the dining table. Stepping through the door the smell of sizzling steak smacked me on the lips. 'What are we celebrating?' I asked while grinning like that cat with the cream. Over dinner, which was lovely, I asked 'yes, but what are we celebrating?' I'd scored a blinder with the wine, which was both reasonably priced and a pleasure to quaff, and as the meal progressed at a leisurely pace began to feel expansive and even more blissed out. We talked about our days and a few more snippets of TA's experiences in Montreal were shared - trips can often be too overwhelming to explain all in one go. The engrossing topic of built-in wardrobes and converting the bed for the sett was discussed with gusto once more. Gradually I realised that we were celebrating the here and now, nothing else (which is kind of a shame because for a while there I was convinced that TA was about to admit that he'd landed a job with Sony and been keeping it a secret). Pudding was brought out - TA had squeezed and frozen orange juice and served the resulting sorbet with lemon mouse and grated orange chocolate from Lindt. I tell you, that combination was a fabulous success. Dishes were washed and night attire donned (you should click that link, it's worth it). Later we shared a whispered conversation about our upcoming wedding anniversary celebrations. The only trouble with this much celebrating of everyday life is that it leaves very little time for everyday life.

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