Thursday, September 01, 2005

the post that tells you I'm still here, but not much else
Sorry, I've been meaning to post I really have but I'm sort of all 'worded out' and sleep deprived. Luckily, the Palais is very quiet and calm at the moment with D long gone, M on holiday (I believe she's throwing tomatoes in Spain) and TA in Canada. The sister-in-law has started dating a new fellow and is quietly joyous while at the same time still feeling angry and betrayed by D. I know this because we spent a good two hours having a heart to heart last night. I seem to be having a lot of D&M conversations at the moment and, while I'm bonding with new friends and reaffirming why I love old friends, I think there's only so far the talking cure can take me.
Today I'm going to abstain from sending multiple e-mails to TA (and reading his replies multiple times) and just forget about recent events; tonight I'm roasting a chicken, eating figs and drinking red wine with someone who makes me laugh. And hopefully as a result I'll be able to sleep properly.
In total meta-blog-world-not-real-world news, after being encouraged by my fellow lanky lass, I've decided to sneak in here.

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