Thursday, November 17, 2005

and relax
TA sometimes walks me to work, occasionally we even manage to have coffee together before the demands of the convicted monopolist require that I am chained to my desk in the sadomasochistic fashion that is all the rage in the world of PR. But I digress… This morning as TA and I walked along the Thames, he expanded on an idea he had aired last night.
“Panacea,” he said, “panacea is definitely part of the Lisa lexicon. As is deprecating, that’s another word I’ve started to use thanks to the Lisa lexicon.”
I mulled this over for a few steps before asking: “Is ‘lexicon’ part of the Lisa lexicon then? And why do I get the distinct impression that these are the words that I use that you think are a bit, I don’t know, self-consciously snobby?”
Apparently ‘lexicon’ is not part of, what by now TA had preemptively trademarked as, the Lisa Lexicon – so that I could hear the capitalisation and mockery.
“Saucisson,” he said, chuckling to himself. That’s another one from the Lisa Lexicon™.
At this point I was conflicted, engaged in heated denial while simultaneously remembering that a blogging pal listed sausage as her default word and suddenly I was sad – I’ve missed updating the UB – thinking of all the things I had stockpiled to write about: the insanity of the evil empire running two major international events at the same time and expecting the same level of service as if they had only one event on the go; the Sett! the Sett!; ex-housemate D’s suspicious reappearance in the life of TA’s sister; our third wedding anniversary and our planned celebrations (postponed thanks to the demands of the evil, evil American software company that must not be named).

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