Friday, November 25, 2005

making my heart sing
I’m at that point in my day where caffeine saturation has hit optimal levels and my brain is fizzing like a sherbet-dip-coated sparkler. I was browsing the science section of The Guardian – work is slow today – when I read this. What a beautifully elegant idea.
I had an informal chat with the hiring manager about the writing job and, although I’m not a suitable candidate for the current position, which is fairly senior, we’re looking at ways for me to transition to the writing team. I recently signed up for the company pension and feel as though I’ve committed to staying here for a few years – it will pay the mortgage, the maternity leave benefits are good, I appreciate the flexible working options, I like my team mates. And looking for a new job is such a pain in the butt. I have mixed feelings about this, particularly since from a career standpoint I’m not really going anywhere, but stability is not to be sneezed at.
TA is looking for a job. He goes in cycles and at the moment he seems to be in a good place creatively. I think that these cycles are getting shorter though – when he first took redundancy he entered a long period of working very hard followed by a seemingly endless period of bleakness – I constantly check for signs of an impending crash, but (touch wood) the bleak spells seem to be shorter and shallower these days.
Finally, of course, the imminent move to the Sett has raised my base happiness bar. Phew, it’s been how many months in the making?

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