Friday, November 25, 2005

moving on up
We’re moving! Next week, Tuesday to be exact, we will finally get the keys to the Sett. Can you Adam and Eve it? I must admit that I cannot quite get my head around it. Yesterday we paid the solicitors’ fees (eek!); we will exchange contracts on Monday and visit the Sett to ensure that the tenants have vacated before completing the following day. TA wishes to avoid hiring a van, instead he proposes to use his rucksack to transport all our worldly goods. A rucksack. Can I remind you that we have, amongst other things, a multigym, bedroom furniture, a freezer, an enormous PC… I can’t see a rucksack, no matter how big, being up to the job. Nevertheless, TA keeps trying to persuade me that this is the way to do it, despite the fact that he’s going to be on his own for the majority of the move (I’ll be at work).
In other moving news, there’s a job on the writing team at work that I am toying with applying for. More money, more interesting role, more status. Not sure if it is a happy team, not sure if I’d be any good at it. Is this a direction I want my career to move in?

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