Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Some progress and continued frustration - welcome to the two-steps-forward-and-one-back of Sett purchasing:
  • Following a sternly worded e-mail to the managing director and a pretty angry-voiced telephone conversation, the estate agents have agreed to give us a couple of hundred quid towards our legal fees to say sorry for messing up.
  • Solicitor has now confirmed that the vendor is allowed to sell the property. (Well that's a relief isn't it?)
  • Estate agents have agreed to "kick vendor up the arse".
  • Solicitor still needs to receive papers from the freeholder, a good indication of the tardy service we can expect once we move in, apparently.
  • Estate agents have confirmed that tenants will not be vacating the property before 28 November.
  • We have signed all the necessary papers and given solicitor the deposit, however, exchange has yet to take place.
  • Solicitor had not realised that property was exempt from stamp duty, causing me to have a minor cardiac at the thought of having to pay out another few grand.

Why can't things be easy?

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