Wednesday, November 02, 2005

smoking in Woking
As thank yous go, this is an odd one and I hope that it will be received in the spirit in which it is being given. Obviously, the whole inheritance of furniture thing is awkward for all involved. We are very grateful though and want to give my aunt’s brother (my father’s cousin’s widow’s brother) something to show our appreciation.
The other day when we were there for lunch uncle K mentioned that he wanted to try dope. He was – I think – a little disappointed that TA and I didn’t regale him with stoner stories. TA doesn’t have any and the two or three I have are quite dull, but at the same time are not suitable for sharing with my parents. Neither of us is very good at being representative of the hip, young and trendy. On the train home TA and I began to hatch a plan.
Last night we met a friend of TA’s in the pub and scored some weed, which we will give to uncle K when we go down to inspect the furniture this weekend. We’re a bit apprehensive – perhaps uncle K wasn’t being serious? – but hope that he’ll be pleased.

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