Tuesday, November 29, 2005

sometimes only bullets will do
I feel like I'm being bombarded at the moment...
  • Our living room is full of boxes, somebody else's boxes, two somebodies to be exact. Our replacements are moving in to the Palais on Thursday come hell, high water or Sett purchase delays.
  • My father calls - he is too old to hire a transit van, how are we going to move our inherited furnishings from deepest darkest stockbroker land to the Sett? TA turns pale at the thought of driving, I turn pale at the thought of TA driving.
  • Estate agent swears blind that we will complete tomorrow.
  • Solicitor e-mails to inform me that the vendor's solicitor says we won't complete until 6 Dec.
  • Estate agent says vendor swears blind we will complete tomorrow, not only that but the vendor's solicitor has told him we will complete on schedule tomorrow.
  • Solicitor says the vendor's solicitor now says 9 Dec is the earliest we can complete and thinks that somebody is lying to the estate agent.
  • Estate agent says I've got two sets of keys, the place has been professionally cleaned, I'm taking TA to inspect, we will complete tomorrow.
  • Solicitor sends the legalese e-mail equivalent of a sarcastic "yeah, right mate - dream on".
  • TA calls, he's on his way to inspect the Sett.
  • To be continued...(hopefully)

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