Wednesday, December 07, 2005

home sweet spinach
I cannot begin to describe to you how happy I am with the sett. I spent the first few days just trying to absorb the knowledge that this is our home, ours not a landlord's and not shared with anyone. Having finally got everything to an adequate level of sorted outness, I curled up on the (temporary) sofa on Sunday and just breathed it all in before reading a book and enjoying the space. It's the simplest things that make me realise now how crabbed our existence at the palais had become, how fearful I was of stepping outside our bedroom door and entering the perfect storm of theatrics. I find myself reluctant to leave the cocoon. I find myself cleaning just for the pleasure of making the most of each room.
TA is most excited about the loft, which is ripe for a half-conversion (leasehold gubbins prevents us from ever being able to fully convert the loft); while I am both thrilled and overwhelmed at the prospect of gradually transforming each room until we have a beautiful apartment. Our bedroom is my highest priority, since it is tiny, cramped and lacks storage space. An advisor from a fitted bedroom manufacturer is coming round tonight to draw up plans and give us a cost estimate. It all feels unreal.
The vendor left all the furniture in situ (hence the temp sofa, which sure beats having a temp housemate), having taken our pick of this bounty we have arranged for the estate agent to dispose of the unwanted items soon and scheduled to collect the inheritance furniture in January.
From now on you can expect regular progress reports on the bedroom, bathroom and loft renovations; not to mention colour schemes for the living room and kitchen makeovers. Should I apologise in advance for boring you silly?
And the title of this post? When I was teaching in Greece my English housemate and I were taught the Greek expression for ‘home sweet home’ – unfortunately it was several months before we realised that we’d been saying the second half of the phrase incorrectly ‘spinaki’ instead of ‘spitaki’. Spiti mou spinaki mou = my home my spinach.

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