Monday, December 12, 2005

marvelous medicine soup and other tales
I made soup on Saturday. Water, yellow lentils, an onion, half a butternut squash and some carrots were added to the saucepan, but only after I'd fried up some spices. I wish I'd paid more attention to what I was doing because by happy accident the soup ended up tasting sublime - just the right mixture of spicy, earthy, robust and delicate. I remember adding fenugreek, ginger, chillies, cumin, a dash of paprika, a healthy shake or two of turmeric and cayene. Whatever it was I did, it was good and I hope I'll be able to repeat it.
The Sett continues to delight, even though we had our first experience of the responsibility of homeownership. Poor TA spent an hour and a half on Sunday unblocking the waste disposal unit in the kitchen. Meanwhile I am full-on nesting - I find myself unwilling to leave the flat, even for things I really want to do. Getting up and out for things I don't really want to do - work, for example - is verging on impossible.
This morning I woke feeling slightly troubled. I'd dreamt that I was swimming in a public pool. I had to swim front crawl because I needed to see where I was going (I'm much better at backstroke) and everything was blurry because I wasn't wearing my glasses. The shallow end of the pool was far away and I was tired but I carried on swimming doggedly, self conscious because I knew that my legs were sinking and I was not swimming well. When I finally reached the shallow end a lifeguard insisted that I get out of the water as I was a danger to myself. I refused and so he drained the pool to prevent me swimming any more. I told TA about my dream, expecting some affection and reassurance. But no! He thought this dream most amusing and chuckled at my twisted subconscious.

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