Friday, December 02, 2005

ready, sett, go!
Yesterday I worked from home, the old one, so that I could help TA with the removal process. Having made three round trips with our rucksacks the night before, I woke up quite sore and overwhelmed at the task in front of us, wishing that I had been successful in my efforts to persuade TA that we needed to engage the services of a "man and van". We set off with more stuff at 7.30am so that I could be back in time to log on to work at 9am. The Sett already looked like a bomb site - a clothes mountain in the living room, many leaning towers of books... And we'd barely scratched the surface. When we returned to the Palais TA's sister requested an audience - TA came back thunder faced, he said: she wants us out so that she can move her stuff into this room. He headed out with another full rucksack, a suit bag and a suitcase on wheels that was falling apart - he looked like he was about to face his doom. We did another joint trip after lunch and on our return TA had a moment of clarity, admitting: we need the services of a "man and van".
After securing a man and his van for this morning, our efforts yesterday afternoon became more focused - boxes were taped up, furniture dismantled - as items were sorted according to their portability and weight as either "van" or "rucksack". We made our last trip yesterday at around 9pm and, for the first time since viewing the place four months ago, I took a few moments to look around properly. Even through the haze of tiredness and the mess I could see that we had managed to find a little gem. Sure, I'd rather be more central, sure, I'd rather the flat was bigger - but all in all I think it's a good flat for us. Phew!
We returned to the Palais and pottered around, trying to clean up as much as possible and prepare for the final big push. Finally, we could do no more and went to bed exhausted. Lying in the dark on the bed that TA designed and built himself, I whispered, "I think of this bed as a magic carpet - where we live changes, we move, but we always sleep in this bed. In my imagination it flies to the next place." TA harrumphed.
This morning I cooked TA scrambled eggs and bacon before we took care of the final few tasks. We rolled up the futon and as I left for the office for the last time from the Palais TA began taking the bed to bits.
Two hours later my phone rang. The tired voice of TA came down the line - it's all done, I'm knackered. He had carried 12 large and heavy boxes, a multigym, our bed, his computer and various other belongings up three flights of stairs.
Tonight we are meeting at the Palais. We'll pick up our frozen food and a few straggling items and then close the door of the Palais and with it that tumultuous chapter of our lives. Hurrah! My month of Advent has ended just as the traditional one begins.

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