Friday, June 23, 2006

renegade childhood
Sometimes I just surprise people and equally their looks of amazement surprise me. I mean everyone thinks that their childhood was "normal" more or less, even when perhaps some oddities are admitted. Let me say right here for the record, I think my childhood was pretty good actually - loving parents, comfortable home etc, etc. But...
I was having lunch with some co-workers who were discussing things they'd been forced to do when they were kids: scouts, piano lessons, ballet. I said, "That's nothing... I was sent to meditation lessons with a man called Guy who was convinced he had been a Native American in a previous life and who told me to imagine heat in my base chakra!" Cue horrified stares around the table and a swift moving on of the conversation by my freaked out colleagues. But really I should have told them the rest of the story - Guy had long hair and a hawk nose, he wore (when he wore clothes at all) big moccasin slipper-boots and jogging bottoms along with fringed leather shirts. He lived with a wonderful woman named Ayjah (sp?) who worked in the healthfood shop. He was fairly charismatic and insisted that they had lived many lives together. They left the village for a while and went to live with "Guy's former tribe", but returned chastened several months later - perhaps the tribe thought he'd been bad in his previous lives because apparently they made the couple do all the chores! He ran off with another woman for a while - "pah!" said my mother, "some men never learn, no matter how many lives they live!"
I went to meditation class with two other girls. On walking in one day - we were always careful to ring the bell and give them time to get dressed - Guy said, "Look at those legs, they never end!" Which ex-beauty therapist E and I still drawl at each other and giggle about. The third girl only came once or twice - when asked what she had seen she said, "I couldn't really say I saw anything - I was kind of blinded by the light." G&A thought this was a sign of her amazing spirituality, but afterwards she confessed - I meant the lightbulb in the room.
My father still sees Guy sometimes on the ferry going to a gig - he plays the guitar and sings. In fact I think they have a CD somewhere - on the cover is a picture of Guy in full country and western-style get up. And his stage name?
The Renegade...

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