Thursday, June 29, 2006

we are not alone
It’s hot, I can’t sleep and I’m cranky. I’m playing balls on TA’s PDA. TA is asleep, but not for long because out of the corner of my eye I spot the mouse. We have tried – unsuccessfully it seems – to trap the mouse, poison the mouse, deafen the mouse and starve the mouse. My pleas for a cat have gone unanswered. I’m at my wits end – I do not want a mouse (or, god forbid, mice) in my house. I’m willing to cede the loft to the furry lodger, but only if it pays rent, has references and a deposit – no, not that kind of deposit. I have instructed TA that he is to resolve the mouse situation once and for all, but fear that he is as clueless as me when it comes to successful pest prevention. Any ideas?

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