Tuesday, August 15, 2006

word perfect
It’s not just me, is it? Certain times and certain people seem to bring out the neologist in me. Most words just get new or more nuanced meanings, but some are completely and utterly new. Moogie, for example. If you ever overhear a couple discussing the lady’s moogie you’ll know it’s us – feel free to interrupt and say hello.
Now, I can tell you that to us the word moogie so obviously encapsulates the thing itself that I find it hard to remember that other people do not use this word or understand its meaning. So, I often – more often that you might imagine – almost mention my moogie to other people. The few people I have shared “moogie” with tell me that to them it sounds like it will describe something entirely different.
Distressingly, the charger/adapter for my moogie went missing from my desk following an office move and I was distraught. I barely managed to say the well-understood phrase instead of “moogie” when explaining shamefacedly to the IT boys what item of personal electronics might have got mixed up with the official supplies.

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