Tuesday, September 05, 2006

going dark
Life is difficult at the moment, but it's nothing I can write about here. Over the years UB (and, I suppose, I) have changed. This space is not so wide open as once it was. There are many things I choose not to write here. In fact, at the moment there's a lot going on in the dark circle of the Venn diagram of my life - so much so that to write about owt else is akin to lying.
I won't lie - to you, to myself: the dark circle fills my thoughts right now. Is it empty, is it a lifesaver - have I been clinging to a hollow thing? Should I be clinging to a hollow thing? When my crises were my own I felt more than happy to involve the surfers and the readers, but now the undertow that has lifted me off my feet has been born elsewhere and so I can't allow others to surf it.
There may be comedy and observations to be found here for a month or few, but there won't be excavations like there used to be. Just a warning, to those who come here for the inside track...

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