Thursday, September 07, 2006

hey pesto!
As they say, life goes on. Seasons turn and autumn sun can sometimes be the gentlest kiss of warmth for tired hearts. Shelter from the buffeting wind may take many forms. Today it takes the form of planning my first harvest from the windowsill farm.
At first glance, my basil plant appears a bit straggly with long stalks supporting heavy crowns of leaves, but look closer and it's positively lusty - with many leaves beginning to shoot from the base of those tree-trunk stalks. I'm planning on encouraging this bushy burst of growth by removing the basil-tree crowns.
What to do with this glut of basil leaves? Well, clearly make pesto. The pinenuts are in stock already and tonight I'll buy some parmesan. Oh, oh, oh - the joy of darkest green, slick, pungent, fresh pesto. Perhaps it will be oil enough to soothe our troubled waters, if only for a moment's respite.

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