Tuesday, September 12, 2006

workday blues
Here's what I don't need on the Monday I decide to work from home because TA&I were playing FateStorm with German goths all day Sunday and late into the night and I'm exhausted:
  1. Discover I've left my RSA security token on my desk at work - no network access
  2. Discover Kinko's have failed to print a job sent by the US team on Sunday
  3. Discover that although Kinko's has indeed printed the document, the document has a typo
  4. Try, somewhat unsuccessfully, to guide a co-worker to said Kinko's branch via mobile (a mobile that was passed to me by TA while I was myself passing water - thank god for Kegel exercises)
  5. Discover, on arriving at the office with a new batch of the document hot of the press, that in fact somewhere in the editing process (not edited by me) the document corrupted - there are "typos" throughout
  6. Receive word that a release that is slated to be sent to the US and European wires should now be sent to Australia and Asia too.
  7. Find out that there is an "emergency" release floating about that will "hit" me soon.

I don't want to be a grown-up anymore. I want to be a tree.

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