Monday, October 16, 2006

back to the scheduled programming
Yes, we're back with the woe. I can't remember what other people's weekends are like - I can't remember what normal is. I seem to spend my weekends doing one or more of the following: chores, procrastinating about the chores, grocery shopping, listening to Radio 4, shouting at Radio 4 when I find that yet a-bloody-gain it's Nigel effing Rees and his sodding Quote Unquote, cooking, soaking far, so normal, right?
But, tell me, is it normal to be glad to be back in the office? Is it normal to spend hours at a time holding hands with the beloved person trying to help them decide whether or not leaving would be a good idea? Is it really normal to drink that much sherry (me), eat that much popcorn (him) and watch that much Arrested Development (both of us)? I thought marriage break up would involve much more hate and much less love; I still think that. The only thing we're breaking is our hearts, surely?

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