Saturday, October 21, 2006

something for the weekend
Shh! It’s a surprise.
Off to the Iggles tonight for a flying visit in honour of a friend’s thirtieth birthday (crikey – how did we get to be so old?). The parents are in Brighton for a long weekend, visiting Mum’s younger sister, and TA is staying in town. So, I’ll have Badger Avenue to myself and TA will have a couple of days’ peace and quiet in the Sett. Time enough for both of us to grow a thin layer of skin over some of this week’s grazes, or at least I hope so. Although I’m beginning to get used to feeling raw.
Last night we went to the Old Vic with my mother’s older sister to see “A Moon for the Misbegotten”, starring Kevin Spacey, Colm Meaney and Eve Best. It was good to go on a date, even if it was chaperoned by a Lady Bracknell type*, good not to have to talk. The play was well acted and effectively staged, but hardly the “minor masterpiece” of Spacey’s programme notes and Spacey, though undoubtedly a fine actor, was easily surpassed by the other leads. Auntie Bracknell slept through most of the first act, but was revived with a dose of chocolate ice cream. We got to sleep at around midnight for the third night in a row – when my bedtime is usually about 10pm – and I woke from my nightmares at 5.30am (again).
So it is that today I’m struggling to keep my eyes open and clock watching – waiting for the minutes to pass so that I can sink into a seat on the 6pm SouthWest train leaving Waterloo and chinwag with a couple fellow exiled caulkheads.
Bon weekend, comrades.
* She has a blog, who knew?

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