Saturday, November 11, 2006

the joke gene
TA likes doughnuts from the Evil Empire, but he only likes them on certain days. He has a theory that there are days that a Jamaican cook works at the Evil Empire. The doughnuts are denser, more "fried" somehow. He tries to only ever buy the "Jamaican doughnuts".
Me: Are you having pudding? [Plotting to indulge in an anniversary treat: red wine and dolcelette.]
Me: What pudding?
TA: Doughnuts
Me: Jamaican?
Me: Or did you buy them from the shop?
TA: [Groan]
Me: [Rocking back and forth in my chair] Ha, ha, ha, ha!
TA: You should call your father and tell him.
Me: I know. Ha, ha, ha! I will!
This morning my mother sent me e-mail: "your father is still chuckling".

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