Tuesday, November 14, 2006

not very tolerant; relates to people in the abstract
I had to take one of those starsign, freud and bollocks personality tests for work. In fact I've taken it twice now. I'm a blue-red, apparently with a bit of green but not much yellow: I'm analytical, bossy and antisocial. In the automatically generated blurb two points stood out as - TA said - tee-shirt worthy. It claimed, much to TA and housemate-C's amusement that I am not very tolerant of others and relate to people in the abstract.
I got all riled up today, evidence of my lack of tolerance/belief that people should be an abstract concept:
  1. People who constantly use multiple punctuation marks in e-mail. I recognise that sometimes a situation calls for three question marks, but if you always send me one-line mail with three or more question marks following a standard query I am going to think you are either constantly tetchy or mentally deficient or both.
  2. People who sit on the bus with hot bottoms. I'm talking high temperature here, not TA bottom hotness. I hate sitting in somebody else's bottom heat. It makes me feel queasy when I innocently sit on a bus seat only to find it's hot.

It's not normal to have this level of disturbance about extra question marks and residual body heat is it???

(I'm trying them out for size)

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