Friday, November 03, 2006

slammed, swamped, in the weeds, looking happier than I've ever seen you at work
These terms have all been used to decribe me this week. Evil Corp has decided to run its two biggest events for the region in one week, resulting in me being "slammed", "swamped" and "in the weeds" with work coming out of my ears and blood literally pouring, well trickling at least, out of my nose.
To add to my joys, my scary uber boss has been in the London office all week and it was she who said I was looking great - in fact she remarked on it two or three times - first it was my hair, then my clothes, then my figure until she finally plumped for "looking happier than I've ever seen you at work". Why, she enquired, am I so sparkly?
"Well," I said, "I'm busy - I like being busy." (Don't we all like to be needed?) I explained the two major events in one week excitement and various other demands on my time.
"But tell me about you," she said with American touchy-feely HR empathy. "There's got to be something going on with you."
I hesitated, how does one explain to an uber boss about relationship gubbins, happy pills and suddenly reaching what TA and I refer to as "the zone", whereby sexy Swedish women who look like a vampy Uma suddenly find me irresistable? One doesn't. I mumbled something about being in a difficult place relationship-wise and throwing myself into my work.
Then we went out - as a department - for lunch and I managed to accidentally get trashed on red wine, meaning that yesterday afternoon passed in a happy blur and I got a surprising amount done while not losing my temper with everyone.
Expect posting to be patchy until event season ends.

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