Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The confit is in progress, the terrine is made, next step is to make the stuffing I guess. Crikey – Christmas really is just around the corner.
Last night I was waiting for TA to come to bed. Skye jumped on to the bed as I was sitting up against my pillows. He looked at me (I ignored him), he looked at TA (who smiled), he looked back and forth again and then he widdled all over TA’s half of the duvet.
Me: You’re really, really going to have to work on this “top dog” thing.

new Jerusalem
Home isn’t enough to keep my thoughts away from Suffolk. Those poor, poor women. It makes me enraged. How many times will we allow the most vulnerable women to be murdered before the law gets changed and we change our society to protect them? My skin crawls at the thought of it and the idea that the police’s slow response – drug-addled prozzies go missing, who cares? – might have contributed to the body count makes me want to vomit. It’s enough to make me want to get vigilante on their asses. It’s time to get strong and go on the offensive: violence, all violence, against women (all women) is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated. I will not be complicit: she did not (and never could) “ask for it” – not through her dress, lifestyle, social class, substance abuse or any other “mitigating” factor. Domestic violence, date rape, sexism in the workplace, verbal abuse, media witch hunts, advertising that objectifies or glorifies the oppression of women – I’m not going to be a silent witness, I will not acquiesce to another woman’s subjugation. My feminism has been slumbering because I’m lucky: I’m middle class, I’m married to a truly gentle man, I work in a woman-centric company, I’m surrounded by civilised people, I’m sheltered from the raw edges of our society…but it’s time to wake up. It’s time to stand up because if I don’t who will? Legalise prostitution and protect sex workers. Eradicate inequalities of education. Increase outreach for drug addicts. Change the law to ensure that more rapists are successfully prosecuted. Establish a register for the perpetrators of domestic violence. Increase training for social workers. Extend compulsory parenting classes to all new parents. Impose tighter regulations on the media and advertising. Fund more Sure Start places. We need to work together to help each other. I can’t change the world, but I’m going to plant my flag: this is how I’m going to make my Christmas more meaningful; I am going to devote four hours a week to helping make our society a fairer, safer place for women and children. I will volunteer, I will campaign, I will fundraise. Can stand up; will stand up.

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