Wednesday, December 06, 2006

regime change
The book is called The Dog Listener (and is based on horse whispering) and TA and I are endeavouring to aggressively listen and whisper very loudly indeed. TA read the book from cover to cover yesterday and started implementing its advice; apparently he was making progress until I arrived home.
TA briefed me on my new role – ignore him for five minutes when you come in, yelp loudly if he bites you, only we are allowed to play with his favourite toy, if he lies on your feet push him off. I’m pretty good at ignoring Skye anyway, but still my presence obviously destabilised the fragile order TA had managed to impose. Skye spent the entire evening trying to re-establish his position as top dog, or at least more top than TA. Events culminated after we went to bed – when gnawing chunks out of TA’s lovingly hand-built bed frame didn’t illicit a response, Skye decided to infiltrate the bed itself. He launched three leaps into my half of the bed and was repelled twice by TA and once by me; then he attempted to burrow under the duna on TA’s side.
Me: [sniggering] Don’t laugh! We’re trying to ignore him.
TA: [guffawing] I know, but really!
This morning there were no unpleasant surprises for me to step in, but the pupster continued to try his luck and regain status. Ignoring him meant delaying breakfast by half an hour – time enough for him to sneak off while our backs were turned and widdle under the sofa, the bastard. I hope he gets the message soon: I’m top bitch and TA is my number-one homedog.
Did I mention that work is suddenly very, very quiet? I’m extremely bored as well as being “dog tired” – a deadly combination. I can barely keep my eyes open and sit here wondering whether I can get away with pulling a sickie. Somehow I doubt it. I’ll be lucky to get away with working from home one day this week.
We’ll have house guests for most of the week – talk about bad timing! – G&M are acquaintances from Oregon (I used to work with G a bit and we bonded over e-mail, her husband M is English) and we are proper nervous about them staying in our very tiny home for the best part of a week with the wilful rampaging piddler on the loose. Oh dear. I get so anxious about the state of the Sett when we have visitors at the best of times and this is most definitely not the best of times.

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