Wednesday, December 20, 2006

they’re singing my tune, but I’m not dancing yet
Watch out! A bandwagon is speeding out of control and it’s heading this way. If I was a political blogger I would write witty a précis of each of the numerous newspaper articles and politician statements focusing on calls to legalise or otherwise make prostitution safer; improve services for drug addicts; and take action on domestic violence to help reduce the negative impact on women and children by minimising disruption and making it easier to prosecute. The trouble is I’m not a political pundit, armchair or otherwise, and I fear that, although the bandwagon is clearly gathering speed and passengers, ultimately it won’t get us anywhere.
TA, Skye and I are off to the Isle on the 5.30am train to Portsmouth on Thursday (the tickets were ridiculously cheap) for two weeks of eating, drinking and making merry with the Badger family. Tomorrow will be spent cleaning, doing laundry and packing.
Merry Christmas, my friends, and let’s hope 2007 is a fine, fine vintage.

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