Thursday, January 04, 2007

new year, new office
Same old, same old: same faces, same boring tasks, same caffeine withdrawal headache, same wistful daydreaming about the possibilities of a Whittingstall-style smallholding; but new tool on my desktop. Today is my second full day of using the latest whiz-bang applications from Mr Gates. I was about to change the font size and I realised that I was being shown an onscreen preview of the new font size. I called over my luddite neighbour to share the joy.
You have to grab these little joys when you can as I foresee many months ahead of pain and grumbling. Why do I have to click twice (and find a different menu) to hide track changes whereas before it was only once; why does the spreadsheet application that I use as a food diary, finance tracker and, occasionally, work take so long to open; why does the presentation application auto-format tables? Yes it looks pretty and yes for many users I suspect that having some of the more esoteric tools hidden away will help make them more efficient, but I use those esoteric tools all the time and I don’t need things to look pretty I need them to work and to work quickly, simply and cleanly. Obviously, I’ll give it time to bed in and myself time to learn the finer points of the many changes, but so far I’m not happy.

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