Saturday, January 27, 2007

something for the weekend
Here’s my plan of attack. Tonight I’m going to rub down the woodwork, pull up the hall carpet and put the first coat of gloss on the all the woodwork (hall and kitchen). On Saturday – first thing, while TA and the pupster are enjoying a leisurely coffee in Covent Garden – I will wash the kitchen walls, rub down the woodwork and put on a second coat of gloss. By the time TA gets back, if past performance can be taken as an indicator of future performance, it will be time for lunch.
After lunch – a cold collation in the living room, no doubt – we will decamp en famile to B&Q to collect metal edging for the “slate” in the kitchen, paint (TA is threatening “Flying Daggers green”) for the hall and kitchen walls and to make a decision on hall flooring. Then the fun will really begin! I will start painting the kitchen walls and – I presume – TA will start on the hall floor, having made a second trip to pick up the flooring supplies.
First thing Sunday, I will– very, very carefully – cover up the hall floor and begin washing and painting the walls. At some point in the late afternoon (going by past performance again) TA will fit the edging in the kitchen.
And then, and then…
And then we will be done with DIY for this year. Next year we will replace the windows and hopefully (whisper so that TA can’t hear us) the living room and bedroom carpet with something less feral. But Sunday evening, faint with exhaustion and paint fumes, we will sit on our sofa (or is it our laurels?) and sigh with relief. We will – fingers crossed – have a markedly more beautiful, to us at least*, apartment.
Check back on Monday to see if we survive.
*The pupster really doesn’t like the new kitchen floor – it’s no good for lying on and he skids at high speeds.

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