Friday, February 09, 2007

diet of worms
Imagine the scene — I am just tucking in to my treasured bowl of gorgeous, steaming porridge (I call it a Nova Scotia breakfast – Scots oats and maple syrup*), the only thing that persuades me it is worth getting out of bed and braving the sub-zero day, when TA asks me to inspect the newspaper. Not a newspaper he is reading, by the way, the newspaper on which Skye has just proudly deposited his own steaming treasure. It appears that Skye has also deposited a small length of string.
“What is it?” I ask.
“It’s okay,” says TA, “he was wormed yesterday at the vet. It’s dead.”
So, there’s a reason why dogs are wormed regularly – apparently they can pick up worms quicker than I can pick up a glass of wine and, even more impressively, do it while looking as though they are innocently picking up smells on a grimy city street.
I returned to my breakfast, but despite the wonders of maple syrup it didn’t hold quite the same allure as it had before the worm had turned up.
* Although the maple syrup actually hails from Massachusetts, a gift from K (and the gods of sweet goodness).

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