Wednesday, February 21, 2007

expensive tastes
We knew Skye would cost us dear, the purchase price was just the beginning, but there are also many unexpected expenses associated with the pupster. For example, I had bargained for the cost of a collar and lead, but didn’t realise he would also “need” a fur-trimmed coat (think Biggles), a harness and a special Italian “Jet Set” carry bag. I knew we’d need to feed him (obviously) but it hadn’t occurred to me that he might be gluten intolerant and require organic rice cakes (the only ones that come unsalted) instead of dog biscuits.
Sometimes I wonder if, being an extension of TA’s psyche, the pup really requires this paraphernalia – a comb, a brush and two different types of scissors to groom him, really? – or whether it is merely TA’s sublimated desires for the finer things in life. But then he looks so adorable in his coat and harness – as if he’s about to parachute out of a Sopwith Camel (or a Sopwith Pup, even – who knew there was such a thing!) – that I cannot be cross or deny TA and Skye their extravagances.
This morning, however, the pup went too far. Pissed off with us for returning him to the Dickensian tenement that is the Sett when he’d been happily running riot at Badger Avenue and the beach the previous week, he decided to pay us back. He climbed on to the sofa while we were eating breakfast in the kitchen, stole my purse, opened it, removed a £20 note, tore out the metal security and ate it…leaving me with two soggy halves.

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Jamie said...

What we have here is proof that you don't keep any decent snacks in your purse!