Tuesday, March 27, 2007

novel assignations
I received a call on my mobile yesterday evening just as I was thinking about leaving the office. As soon as I heard the woman’s hesitating and polite enquiry I knew what was coming. I confirmed that I still wanted counselling (despite being sorely tempted to decline). She sounded more cheerful as she informed me that there was an open appointment on Thursday at 11.30. I let her know that I could attend it and waited for her to confirm the booking.
“So, that’s 11.30am on Thursday…” a long pause “with Elizabeth.”
“Great. Thanks.”
I left the office with a heavy heart, but put my anxieties to the back of my mind and prepared to spend a lovely evening with a dear friend I don’t see nearly enough of. Some things sound like a fantastic idea when dishes of tapas are on the table and conversation is flowing. “How about we buddy up?” she said.
Intoxicated with the pleasure of fine food and even finer friendship, I agreed with an excited smile on my face. Of course, in the cold light of day, deadlines and word counts don’t sound quite so enticing, but I think accountability is a good thing and I am excited at the prospect of writing fiction again. It’s a scary commitment though: 500-1000 words a week to be delivered on Monday and 500-1000 words read, commented on and returned by Friday. It’ll be like being at school again!
As of Thursday, I’ll probably be keeping a therapy journal too. TA has to keep two – one that Elizabeth can read and one that’s just for him. Discussing this new imposition with my friend last night, I opined that I should just give her directions to the UB and let her do her homework!
Seriously though, where does one begin with the explanations?

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