Wednesday, March 07, 2007

the pupster’s predilection for puddles
For many weeks the pupster would not – there’s no way to put this delicately – “go” when he was on a walk. We became resigned to the fact that he’d never twig that outside was a good venue for piddle and poo. TA even thought it was a good thing.
Then, out of the blue, one day he surprised us by widdling while walking – right on the South Bank steps, outside Tate Modern (the dog has class). A few weeks later he astonished us by pooing while he was walking home – TA knew I’d be thrilled so, because I wasn’t there to witness it, he rang me to inform me.
Now he averages two widdles and a poo on the walk into work in the morning, he even has his favoured stops. We’re running low on poo bags and these days we don’t go through nearly as much newspaper at home, which is all to the good. The thing that puzzles and slightly disturbs us is that when outside the pupster will only widdle or poo if all four paws are in a puddle – this makes cleaning the poo an interesting challenge, but so far TA has coped admirably. TA thinks perhaps Skye is trying to mask his scent because he’s not top dog. The pupster seems happy enough though so for the moment there seems no point in trying to dissuade him from blessing the puddles.
However, as TA said yesterday, what is he going to do in summer?

tides of March
I’m 30 tomorrow. The scene has almost been set: the champagne is ready to chill, the organic orange juice is in the fridge…I’ll pick up some croissants tonight (not to mention pork pies). I’m looking forward to a day filled with customised pleasures.

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