Friday, June 08, 2007

Don’t want to be a fatter woman
(turn and face the strain)
Just gonna have to be a pregnant woman
Time will change me
As I can’t turn back time
As Bowie might have sung if he’d got himself in my condition. Christ, it’s bloody hard work and it’s only just begun.
In addition to all the physical changes, there are the unexpected changes to my priorities. I’m quilting at weekends (finally got my hands on a few of TA’s shirts) and keeping a special journal for the sprout to read in many, many years’ time. I’m scouring freecycle for baby goodies. I somewhat impulsively bought double glazing for the Sett on a Sunday afternoon (don’t want the Sprout getting a cold from a draft on a cold January morning). However, my most stupid moment came when I nipped into a tourist shop to buy a toy westie puppy with an ickle tartan coat. So sweet! Unfortunately Sprout won’t be able to play with this puppy – named Cloud by TA – for three years, due to choking hazard.
I blame it all on preg head...

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