Tuesday, June 26, 2007

look, no hands
For a reformed bulimic I sure am throwing up a lot. Having survived the three-week onslaught of morning sickness, on Friday I accidentally made like the Queen Mother and choked on a fish bone. I’ve always thought that was a bit of a joke, but no it’s actually quite scary. At first it just tickled and then the tickling started to sort of prickle and then the vomiting started. Ah, I thought, that will have cleared it - I poked around in the still-recognisable fish, bread and peas, but there was no sign of the bone and the tickle was back.
More choking and a rising sense of panic, but no matter because TA - my hero - rode to the rescue. "Swallow a bread ball," he said. Now, not one to do things by halves, I rolled myself a bread cannon ball and sure enough it worked!
I’ve learnt my lesson now - no more carelessly munching through unfilleted fish with a devilish abandon. I wonder why no one ever told HRH about the bread roll trick.

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